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Rhona Nolasco

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Rhona Nolasco is an inspiring, emerging vocalist within Nu Energy Collective Music.  She has a versatile, fresh, and friendly approach to her vocals, and whether in the studio or performing live, she has the ability to transform a track or performance with her natural, fun style.

Inspired by female vocal artists such as Bjork and Dido, Rhona is classically trained by vocal coach Kate Radmilovic who played Carlotta in the London production of Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Haymarket. Rhona’s unique vocal style has been described as urban electro hippy and has already captured the attention of many people.

No stranger to live performance Rhona has formerly been National Grand Finalist for the Idol UK 2008 national singing competition and her favourite performance to date came at the second I Love Hard Beats (ILHB) – double vision event where she wowed the crowd with her awesome stage presence and spot on vocals.

In 2004 she met Nick Sanett and a fruitful musical relationship was formed.  Rhona and Nick have written together in various guises, starting out with collaborative work as part of a rocktronica band called Duke Gonzo where she was lead vox and Nick played synth, but they moved on from there to write together in other styles.  Since then Rhona has featured on numerous tracks from hardcore to electro to Avant-garde, experimental pieces.

One of her most recent ventures is with the soon to be launched DeckaJam band.  Rhona brings out the emotional side of DeckaJam through her vocals and lyrics especially where it’s in contrast with the energetic electronic sounds: “I try to write lyrics that will relate to people’s situations, feelings, and experiences so that when they hear a track people are able to feel what I’m saying.  I think this is always a musicians ultimate goal when writing a song.  For me it is always about writing from the heart and most importantly enjoying every moment of it, happy or sad, good or bad.”

Rhona is the key vocalist in the Hard Beats Collective; she has featured across countless tracks and her live vocal talents have been a main feature at the ILHB events that the collective run in London.  Most notable tracks that she has featured on are FM-220 and Principia Mathematica by Douglas, and Feeling Kinda Strange, and Release the Fear by Kevin Energy and Nick 235.

With strong recording and performance experience already under her belt, Rhona hopes to spend more time in the studio writing and recording, as well as collaborating with other artists, with the long term goals of being booked for more live performances and at festivals: “I really want to experiment with other artists and discover new sounds on a global level and see how far my vocals and lyrics can reach.  It’s quite a mad experience knowing you’ve had your vocals heard all the way in Korea or Germany, inspiring, resonating, or bringing out immense appreciation within someone who is situated on the other side of the globe from you, that you have never met before.  That’s the kind of humanistic stuff that is priceless!”